Moving From Scarcity to Abundance

Picking out a watermelon in July, or a pumpkin in October, or a Christmas tree in December, can teach us a lot about abundance. When something is in season, and the market is flooded with high quality specimens, it’s natural to become even more selective. We search for the very best, the watermelon that sounds […]

3 Ways to Transform Nonprofit Staff Into Social Media Ambassadors

You want your staff to be as excited about your mission as you are. You know your nonprofit will benefit from having motivated employees that talk about your organization and share the vision. So, how do you get them talking, sharing and building your nonprofit online and beyond? Here are a few simple ways to […]

Second Thoughts On… Salesforce

If you’re considering fundraising software or a CRM for your nonprofit, you’ve probably heard of Salesforce. A board member may have recommended it, or a lay leader who uses it at their workplace may have raved about it. Perhaps you’ve seen glowing reviews for Salesforce online. Before you take the leap and sign up for […]

Tune-Up for End-of-Year Fundraising!

With the year-end fundraising season in full swing, is your email list up-to-date? Are you able to track your results and gather detailed information about your campaigns? Is your payment page set up and ready to handle donations from mobile phones? It’s not too late to get organized for the holiday fundraising season and show […]

5 Invaluable Tips for Year-End Fundraising

Fall fundraising season is upon us! If you haven’t begun working on your year-end campaign and appeal letters, START NOW! Check out Sage70’s 5 keys to a successful year-end campaign that every organization should employ.   Host a Thank-A-Thon! Get your board members, staffers, and even volunteers involved in making brief calls to your donors. […]

Forget CRM, Think Community!

Hear me out. CRM is a strategy for reaching our donors, evaluating their interest in and capacity for giving, and then moving them through a funnel to convert them into donors. Since we can track their interactions, we can also measure how effective different types of outreach are in pushing people through that funnel. CRM […]

The No-Nonsense Guide to ROI in Social Media

Stop what you’re doing. Set aside 10 decent minutes. Then read this link. You’ll come out the other understanding ROI, funnels, conversions, and how to use social media. Honest. It’s that good. The No-Nonsense Guide to ROI in Social Media.

What’s a Nonprofit Minimal Viable Product?

For Lean startups, testing, iterating and learning have to happen fast. One way to do that is by building a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).  An MVP is the product with the smallest possible set of features that allows a teams to collect the maximum feedback with the least effort. In the beginning, an MVP is […]

Get Feedback Faster With Lean Thinking

In the startup space, Lean means rapid iteration of the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop, getting out in front of customers quickly, even with a non-scalable product, and validating assumptions and logic models. Here’s a quick take on how to start bringing this thinking to the nonprofit space. The Lean Nonprofit | Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

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